Fireworks mishap causes fireball at Scotland show

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Who doesn't love a fireworks show full of awe-inspiring pyrotechnics? Folks looking forward to the annual Bonfire Night display in Edinburgh, Scotland, were hoping for one, but they didn't exactly get the visual treat they came for. Instead they got a show reminiscent of San Diego's Fourth of July spectacular last summer, in which an entire program's worth of sparks and bursts went off in 30 seconds.

This time one of the rockets misfired and landed in a box of unlit fireworks. A video shot by someone in the audience captures what appears to be a giant fireball. Spectators can be seen making for the exits as they figure out that something's gone seriously wrong. One girl suffered burns to the side of her face, and unbelievably that appears to be the extent of the injuries. Organizers have vowed to review all safety procedures for future shows.

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