Firefighter's Helmetcam Gives Rare View Inside House Fire

Ko Im
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Homeowners in the town of Vista, in the New York City suburbs panicked and ran out of the house after they smelled smoke.

The response from the small Vista Fire Department was caught on a heatproof helmetcam (aka FireCam). It gets us so close we can almost touch the flames. The video, now viewed over 18,000 times, shows us firsthand how firefighters respond to and battle a chaotic inferno.

The house fire was made more problematic with downed wires and communication, manpower, and hose problems. The firefighters tried to close the front door to contain the flames, but the glass part of the door melted. But with the help of other fire companies, the blaze was brought under control. No one was hurt, and we're reminded of these firefighters putting their lives on the line every time.

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