Father-Daughter Workout Video Goes Viral

Ralphie Aversa
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There is a new workout craze that is going viral on YouTube. However, this one doesn't involve a 90-day routine or a six-month payment plan.

Michael Stansbury uploaded a video of himself and his 6-month-old daughter, Lilly Ann, "working out." Lilly Ann is just a toddler, so by "working out" we mean she holds herself up in a "plank" and then drops into a "Superman" position. Add in Stansbury, who moves in sync with his daughter, and the video is just too adorable.

According to Stansbury, Lilly Ann picked up the moves from watching a workout DVD that his wife does every day.

"She started doing [the workout] and she would make these noises," Stansbury told us via telephone. "Then one day she got on the ground and I said, 'I'm going to do this workout with her.'"

The father filmed it and uploaded it to his Facebook page, where it was shared about 70,000 times. On YouTube, it has more than half a million views.

"That's very unexpected," he said of the video’s popularity "It's a cute, fun video of a precious little girl. I think it resonated with people because it's just one of those daddy-daughter moments that you always remember."

Perhaps the cutest part of the video is when Stansbury tells Lilly Ann that he loves her. She reacts by reaching her little hand out toward her dad.

"You can't tell your kids, especially at that age, that you love them enough," he said. "When they smile at you, it's a great opportunity to say 'I love you.' I do the same thing with my 11-year-old, but it's a little harder with an 11-year-old because they make you a little madder sometimes than a 6-month-old."

The Stansbury family has four children. Although the other three want to get in on the video making, the father said they are always careful with what they put on the Internet. Still, he is happy to share this moment, especially after seeing such a positive reaction.

"I'm blown away by a lot of the comments because they say it's the cutest thing they ever saw," Stansbury said. "We get to see that every day."