Fashion’s 10-Year-Old Obsession, A Mayor Crushes A Benz To Make a Point, and Newt Gingrich Accused Of Having Fake Twitter Followers

Adriana Diaz

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The Web is abuzz over fashion's newest star: 10-year-old Thylane Loubry Blondeau, the daughter of a French soccer player and TV star. She has graced the cover of Vogue Enfants (Vogue Children), been featured in the real-deal version of Vogue, and strutted down the catwalk of some of fashion's biggest shows (at age 4 she was in designer Jean Paul Gaultier's spring show). On social media people are marveling at her beauty, but there's also a lot of controversy about her age, adult photo shoots (in heels, adult clothes, and full make-up), and fashion's fascination with youth. A Tumblr blog devoted to photos of Thylane has the tagline "I'm jealous of a 10 year old." On Twitter some call her photos "disturbing" and "creepy," while others call her "fabulous" and say they wish they could be her. Do you think fashion's newest star is cute or just plain creepy? Tell me on or Twitter @AdrianaTweeting!

Cyclists in big cities are at the bottom of the road chain. They get bumped and honked at, and cars block their bike lanes. One man has had enough. The mayor of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is so fed up with cars parking illegally in bike lanes that he made a video where he crushes a Mercedes-Benz with a tank! The video, which is on the mayor's YouTube page, is obviously staged, but it still racked up more than 1 million views in less than a week. On his Facebook page, the mayor advocates for other forms of alternative transportation with photos of him rolling through town in a Segway and cruising in a boat. On Twitter people are wondering if American mayors will follow suit. One person tweeted New York City Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, "Can you imagine [mayor] @mikebloomberg doing something similar?" Wolfson replied, "firing up the tank now."

Lastly, Newt Gingrich has more Twitter followers than any other 2012 Republican presidential candidate by far. His 1.3 million followers stomp Mitt Romney's 126,000 and Michele Bachmann's 66,000. But a search company named Peek You is calling Gingrich a Twitter impostor. After analyzing Gingrich's Twitter account, it says only 106,000 of his 1.3 million followers are active Twitter users. In other words, Peek You is saying that 92 percent of Gingrich's followers are inactive dummy Twitter accounts. Gingrich's spokesman called the accusations "a lie, a smear, and unsubstantiated." He said people follow the politician the same way they follow Shaquille O'Neal or Ashton Kutcher. But even if Gingrich did have only 106,000 real followers, he would still be one of Twitter's most popular Republican politicians, except for Sarah Palin, who has more than 600,000 followers.