Fans Share Their Most Moving and Adorable Holiday Surprise Videos with Us

Ralphie Aversa
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Fans Share Their Most Moving and Adorable Holiday Surprise Videos with Us

Last week, we asked you to send us stories of times you shared good news with your family around the holidays. You delivered, and here are some of the best ones we received on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sarah Wilson found a creative way to break the news to her daughter that she was about to become a big sister. On Christmas morning, Wilson wrapped a shirt that said “Awesome” and placed it under the tree. When 8 year-old Laila opened the present, a small paper towel covered the words “Big Sister.” After realizing that her mother was pregnant, Laila screamed and hugged Wilson.

In a message to us on Facebook, Wilson explained why the moment was even more emotional for her and her fiancé.

“My fiancé and I had been trying for a long time to have this baby but due to our upcoming wedding had thought to wait until this summer,” she wrote. “Well life doesn't always wait apparently.”

Bryan Rakauskas’ family waited anxiously for him to return home from serving the U.S. in Afghanistan. He surprised them in a restaurant, and shared the footage with us.

According to his Facebook page, Rakauskas served in the Army since June of 2008. There were plenty of waterworks when his family first turned the corner and spotted him. The tears continued when Bryan informed them that in addition to returning home, he would not be traveling overseas again.

Our last video submission comes from Frank Garrett. He proposed to his girlfriend, Iris Dozier, using a wrapped Christmas present. The couple returned from Houston, Texas to Augusta, Ga. to visit Dozier’s family.

“I had already purchased the ring and sent it to Iris's parent's house,” Garrett explained. “Only her father knew the ring was in the box. It was labeled ‘To: Iris, From: Santa.’”

Thanks to everyone who submitted stories – and feel free to keep them coming here, on Facebook, or Twitter.