Fans Fear for Bieber’s ‘Baby,’ Baseball Hits Social Media Out Of the Park, and the Online Campaign To End Global Hunger

Adriana Diaz

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Justin Bieber's song "Baby" is the most viewed video on YouTube. But a rumor is spreading on the blogosphere that it's in danger of being deleted from the video site. Despite its nearly 600 million views, the video has 1.5 million "dislikes," or negative scores, compared to just 750,000 "likes." Even though YouTube tweeted that "Baby" wasn't going anywhere, rumors spread that YouTube algorithms can delete videos based on bad ratings. Worried Bieber fans (aka Beliebers) launched an online campaign to save their baby. They inundated the video's YouTube page with comments (one fan wrote "like this video" 24 times). On Twitter, Beliebers used the hashtag #dontdeletebaby as an online petition of sorts to save the video from being deleted (to repeat: YouTube said that's not happening). This isn't the first time Beliebers have overreacted online. Just two weeks ago, throngs of Bieber fans threatened a person who they thought attacked the pop star at a New York event. It turns out the "suspect" was an undercover cop who was protecting the singer.

Last night's All-Star Home Run Derby, where baseball's top hitters face off to see who can hit the most home runs, was held at Chase Field in Arizona. It wasn't just a big night for baseball; it was also a big night for social media. A select group of All-Stars live-tweeted the event, including David Ortiz from the Red Sox, Justin Upton from the Arizona Diamondbacks and the first Major League player on Twitter, and C.J. Wilson of the Texas Rangers. Wilson was also tasked with uploading pictures and videos to Facebook and The players' tweets helped the Yankees' Robinson Cano trend on Twitter because he was the event's top pick. Thirty-two home runs later, Cano took home the trophy and is still trending on Twitter. After the event, Cano tweeted a shout-out in Spanish to his town in the Dominican Republic. He wrote, "San Pedro de Macoris te estoy representando...Jose Cano que super pitcher tengo!" He said he's representing his town of San Pedro de Macoris (an area known for churning out MLB players) and that his dad, Jose Cano, was a great pitcher. Jose Cano, a former pitcher for the Houston Astros, pitched to his son all throughout last night's event.

One billion people use the Internet every day. That's the same number of people who are going hungry worldwide, according to the World Food Program. In honor of World Population Day yesterday, the program launched a campaign to connect the online billion with the hungry billion through social media. It's encouraging Internet users to share messages about global hunger on social media sites like Twitter, using the hashtag #b4b (billion for billion). Here's our message: In the time it takes to watch Trending Now, there are 4 million videos watched on YouTube, 165 thousand people logged into Facebook, 4,000 Tweets sent, and 20 children succumbed to hunger. Donating $1 can fill four cups of food for a child. To help, click here.

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