Fan-Made Music Video Showcases Sleeping Positions You Didn't Know Existed

Ralphie Aversa
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Alternative rock band They Might Be Giants recently held an online contest soliciting fans to submit music videos for its song, "Am I Awake?". The track is off the band's forthcoming compilation, "Idlewild."

Of the 150 entries, three were picked as winners by actor/comedian John Hodgman. Paul and Mike Swiatek won for their submission, "Sleep Study Voyeur."

The video starts with an overhead shot of a couple, played by Leah Huebner and Nate Weisband, in bed. Weisband gives Huebner a good-night kiss and turns off the bedside light.

Then the couple moves through about 60 different sleep positions. Watching the actors demonstrate each maneuver is funny, but the descriptions really add to the piece.

"Beautifully shot, hilarious, and unexpected," Hodgman said of the piece. "As a creator of list-based humor, I must admire anyone who can keep the same joke so consistently engaging and surprising for three minutes."

Innocently enough, the first position featured is "spoon," followed by "east coast" and "west coast" — with the couple cuddled together on either side of the bed. Their heads then move to the bottom of the mattress for a sleep position called "south pole."

Some of the positions featured in the rest of the three-minute clip may appear normal but many have funny descriptions. In "tower of pisa," the couple is lying together on their backs with their heads tilted to one side. The "michaelangelo" (sic) shows each person at a different mattress corner, with one arm extended toward the other person. You also have the "friend request," in which the woman grabs the guy's arm and throws it around her. That's followed by the "friend request deny," when the man takes his arm back and rolls over to the other side of the bed.

"We actually had a position called 'mustache' or something like that where the girl's hair would form some elaborate facial hair on the guy," wrote Paul Swiatek on YouTube. "But it got lost in the shoot/edit, along with The Jeff Goldblum, Flux Capacitor and like 150 other random ones."

TMBG will release "Idlewild" on May 27.