Explore The ‘Seinfeld' Apartment With This Virtual Reality Demo

Ralphie Aversa
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The sitcom “Seinfeld” continues to live on in a number of incarnations. However the latest involves transporting in to a virtual world.

Developer Greg Miller is behind Jerry’s Place, a recreation of Jerry’s iconic Upper West Side apartment. Miller used the VR headset and platform Oculus Rift to bring the "Seinfeld" set back to life.

“I started by scouring the Internet for screen shots of Jerry's apartment but that didn't yield much,” Miller wrote on jerrysplacevr.com. “Eventually I resorted to screen-capping streaming episodes so I could get detailed images of the various items around the set.”

Miller did not miss a lot of details. The framed Yankee Stadium photo, 12-cent checks on the table, the bike and the Superman figure are a few of the many details that avid fans will notice. Miller notes that there are at least 11 direct references to the show throughout his VR apartment.

YouTube user Pancho Joshi owns an Oculus Rift and downloaded Jerry’s Place. In his video demo, he walks through the apartment and can’t use the adjectives awesome, incredible and awesome enough.

“What can I say? This is phenomenal,” Joshi gushed as he walked through Seinfeld’s virtual apartment. “This is truly it.”

The developer took time to build out the full living room, kitchen and workspace seen in the main shot of the apartment. Miller also recreated the rarely seen “fourth wall” in the space. You can also walk through Jerry’s bathroom and bedroom.

“I did a lot of research and tried to find images of the original products used in the show, and modeled around those dimensions, rather than relying solely on blurry screen shots,” the San Jose, Calif.-based developer wrote.

Jerry’s Place is available for download now, but you need an Oculus Rift to experience it. The headset is available only to developers at the moment. It is expected to hit the consumer market as soon as later this year.