Exclusive Interview With Conan O'Brien Look-alike

A Temple University student is making the rounds on the Internet after posting a video in which he claims to be Conan O'Brien's illegitimate son. But in an interview with Trending Now, it was revealed that the whole thing might just be a ploy for some attention and possible face time with the talk show host.

Someone is using YouTube for the purpose of gaining attention? We were just as dumbfounded.

Greg Keating is from Verona, New Jersey. According to a YouTube video he uploaded on Jan. 8, Keating's mom worked at NBC News in the early '90s, a mere three floors above the "Late Night" studio at 30 Rock. The redheaded student claims his mom was fired shortly after becoming pregnant, and strongly hints that O’Brien is the father.

Speaking with us via Skype, Keating would not confirm whether his mother actually worked at NBC. He did say that his real parents are getting a kick out of all this.

"People in my family are just eating it up," he said. "They've been waiting for me to do something about it forever. I like to make people laugh."

Turns out people thought Keating looked like the host as far back as when he was in third grade.

"A basketball ref called me 'Conan' in a recreational basketball game, and I had no idea what he was talking about," Keating recollected. "As I grew up, I started looking more and more like him. It was crazy."

Throughout the video, Keating attempts to pull at O'Brien's heartstrings by pointing out similarities between him and the TV host, while also claiming how much he misses his "dad." He suggests that the two of them can dominate late-night TV together or at the very least go fishing.

"I'd probably ask him, 'Why?' Or even, 'How?'" Keating joked when asked what he would say to O'Brien in person. "I'd probably say 'How?' first. I think 'How?' gets down to the meat of the question."

The TV host might ask a question of his own — like, "How did you find a way to get over 74,000 views on this two-minute clip?" As of press time, no one from Team Coco or TBS had contacted Keating.

Update: O'Brien has responded to Keating's "allegation" with some scandalous information of his own. This story just keeps getting more and more interesting.