‘Ex-Girlfriend Prank’ Video Has the Web Laughing

Mia Fitzharris

That awkward moment when your ex-girlfriend calls you while you're trying to have a photo taken with your current main squeeze — Gordon Mack must live for such awkward moments. The comedian released a video through Official Comedy's YouTube channel of him and his "girlfriend" pranking strangers by staging that exact scenario. The range of reactions is hilarious.

For starters, you have a man who clearly believes that the proper guy-code is to make sure the angry girlfriend doesn't intervene. The unsuspecting photographer actually backs up a few steps when the actress asks to see the phone before he turns it over to Mack.

About 50 seconds in, a guy sympathizes with the comedian, saying, "It happens," as if to console him. Immediately after that, an older man relishes the opportunity to get involved in the phone call. The man turns the phone so that Mack and his faux girlfriend can see the call before advising Mack that he should talk to the ex. The comedian refuses, and at the request of the actress, the man picks up the phone and asks "Chrissy" why she's calling the number in the first place.

Does the video make you think twice about asking a stranger to take a photo — or are you now moving to a more traditional camera for your next outing? Let us know below.