Embarrassed Kid Begs for Donations After Dad’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Dance

Melissa Knowles
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"Gangnam Style" is a worldwide sensation that has inspired countless parodies, tributes, and downloads, and a whole lot of radio play. While most people who enjoy the song imitate the now-infamous dance associated with Psy's tune, not everyone is happy about it, especially when it involves their parents.

Connor McKenna, son of Rob McKenna, Washington's attorney general and a gubernatorial candidate, is embarrassed by a video on YouTube featuring his dad dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style" with members of Washington's Korean Women's Association. In Connor's YouTube video titled "Connor's Appeal," he says that his father's dancing has "brought shame and embarrassment" to him and his siblings. Connor continues, "I feel the only way to make my parents stop is to pay my parents to never dance in public ever again." Connor defiantly states that he's taking a different approach now and making an appeal to everyone who's ever been 12 years old and embarrassed by his or her parents. At the end of his video, he asks for all interested parties to donate $10 to his cause, because only when resources are pooled and he pays off his parents can he ever show his face at school again.

Attorney General McKenna's video has been viewed more than 32,000 times so far, and Connor's video has accumulated almost 5,000 views. Some people are calling him "cute," and a few people side with the parents, saying how much fun it is to embarrass kids. It's important to note that Connor's video was released by his dad's campaign. So some people are suspicious that while it may seem like the brainchild of an adolescent, it's a clever marketing tool for his father's election.

The campaign, and of course, Connor, can hope that donations will pile up for his cause, and maybe it'll keep Dad off the dance floor.

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