‘Electricity Fight’ Video Wows the Web

Sarah Bernard

Electricity -- and the lack thereof -- has been on all our minds of late. We think of it as a basic necessity more than a means of expression, but in a YouTube video that's quickly becoming a hit, two performers demonstrate that bolts of light can be harnessed to create something quite beautiful.

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A British performance art collective called the Arcadia Group set up a Tesla coil display demonstration at a festival in Belfast, Ireland, last week. A video of the demo, titled "Two men + two Tesla coils + special suits = ELECTRICITY FIGHT!" hit the front page of reddit. Commenters questioned how the performers, who seem to be hurling high-voltage lighting bolts at each other, are unharmed. Here's the answer: The two suits worn by the performers in the video form Faraday cages, which protect the person inside by channeling electricity through conductive material, not their bodies. Still, don't try this at home. The practice requires lots of skill and high voltage. As one commenter added, "I'll bet their power bill is shocking."

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