Early Morning News Anchor Unwittingly Becomes Viral Video Gold

Melissa Knowles

People who have to work early morning shifts are understandably tired, as almost anyone would be, at 4 o'clock in the morning, but not news anchor Tia Ewing of Fox 40 Sacramento. Ewing decided to make the most of an on-air break, dancing energetically to Beyoncé's hit "Single Ladies," while holding a tablet computer in her right hand and copying some of the choreography of the original music video. She seems blissfully unaware that the cameras are still rolling, capturing her every move.

The station briefly cuts away to an exterior shot as Ewing dances, but goes right back to a shot of her dancing away in the studio. Once she found out about the clip, Ewing posted the video -- with the title "What do I do during commercial breaks?" -- to her YouTube page on Dec. 7.

So far, Ewing's video has more than 270,000 views and counting. Most commenters love her energy, with one person writing, "absolutely fabulous...so happy and it's contagious." Ewing explained her dance moves in the "about" section of her YouTube post: "having a little fun on the morning show. I mean it is 4:30 am."

One of Ewing's admirers commented, "This video beg the question, who is the dummy who hasn't put a ring on it?" While we don't have the answer to that question, we do know that Ewing is enjoying the attention and her new fans love her upbeat personality. Who knew that working the early morning shift could prove to be so much fun?

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