Drone Captures Amazing Aerial Shots of New York City

Ralphie Aversa
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Whether you are a tourist, a weekend warrior, or an every-day commuter, you probably at one time have sought out the best vantage point to take in New York City's skyline. You could make the case that the coolest view is on a rooftop or across a bridge. However, director Randy Slavin has a compelling counterargument. The proof is in his footage.

The New York City-based photographer used a DJI Phantom drone and a GoPro Hero 3 camera to record some breathtaking views of the city that never sleeps. Slavin flew the drone in between buildings both in and out of Manhattan. He gathered the footage and edited it in to a two-minute compilation set to the song "Tell Me" by artists RL Grime & What So Not.

The aerial shots that the small, maneuverable drone was able to provide could have never been accomplished by other aircraft. Because of its size, the DJI Phantom fit in a lot of places that a helicopter simply could not. Until now, only birds would have been able to see a moving perspective of the city's landscape like this.

Some of the notable landmarks that Slavin films at or near include the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Square Park, and Grand Central Terminal. In another shot of midtown Manhattan, he seemingly backs up the drone toward Madison Square Garden, with views of the MetLife Building on Sixth Avenue and the Bank of America Tower.

Slavin uploaded his video to Vimeo, where it has 68,000 views. While some commenters on the video are skeptical of using a drone for filming in Manhattan, most compliment Slavin on the shots he recorded.

Drones and GoPro cameras are seemingly used more and more to capture these types of unique aerial views. What are your thoughts on the application of the flying crafts in this capacity? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.