Dog’s teaching puppy to walk down stairs called ‘cutest thing ever’

Melissa Knowles

You've heard the cliché "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." What about a young dog? That is exactly what happens in a new video making the rounds on the Web, in which an adult dog teaches a little puppy how to walk down stairs.

Tim Doucette of Winnipeg, Canada, uploaded a video of his two dogs interacting on the stairs. Little Daisy, a Labrador-mix foster pup, seems scared and unsure of how to walk down the stairs. In comes older, wiser Simon the Labrador to the rescue.

Doucette explains in the description of the YouTube video, "Our 6 month old lab mix rescue pup taught our 8 week old foster pup (adopted now) from Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue in Winnipeg to go down the stairs once she got up and couldn't get down!" Seeing the older dog help the younger one has to be seen -- even if it's just for the cute factor.

After a few attempts to show Daisy how to get down, Simon tries a different approach and gently nuzzles the nervous puppy. Finally, she submits to one more demonstration as a woman in the background encourages little Daisy. Carefully, Daisy makes her way down the short flight of stairs and is greeted with licks and nuzzles from Simon.

The video is a huge hit online, racking up nearly 1.6 million views since December 26. One YouTube commenter summed up what most people were thinking: "cutest thing ever."

Just goes to show you that a little guidance and encouragement can go a long way.

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