Dog Takes a Nosedive Into a Pool and Becomes a Viral Star

Melissa Knowles
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Yes, it's only Tuesday. So what! It's never too early in the week for a hilarious viral video, especially one that we are not sure why has gone so viral, so quickly.

Kyle Vigneau taped his Labrador, named Koda, doing something a little silly. In the video, "My Dog Isn't the Smartest," it appears as if Vigneau is trying to fill the pool with water, and the device he is using appeals to the dog. As the device sprays water into the pool, Koda tries to lick the stream of water. Vigneau says to Koda, "You're going to end up falling in the pool. You know that." That's exactly what happens next. Koda loses his balance and falls headfirst into the pool. Vigneau briefly panics, and you can hear him say, "Uh-oh!"

The original video was posted to YouTube on June 9 and already has 4.2 million views and counting. It was then posted to Reddit with the title, "on an IQ scale of 1 to Einstein, my dog is a brick." In a follow-up video, we hear Vigneau coaching Koda to help him get out of the pool. While Koda is making his way out of the water, he attempts to shake off the water ... while still in the pool, causing Vigneau to laugh. Apparently, the rest of the Web is laughing with him, because even the follow-up video has surpassed 810,000 views so far.

Koda is a viral sensation, and he doesn't even know it. Thanks for the laughs, little guy.

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