Dog Shaming Blog Becomes Cultural Phenomenon

Melissa Knowles
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As cute and cuddly as dogs may be, they can also be little terrors when it comes to breaking the house rules. Now there's a new way to publicly discipline your dog, thanks to a very popular Tumblr blog. Dogshaming seeks to punish these dogs by displaying their mischievous behavior. The dogs are photographed by their owners along with a paper message that states what the dog did wrong.

There are pages and pages of pictures of dogs, including a cutie named Sinner who "peed on his owner's leg at dog obedience class" and another dog who "once ate half a cake in two bites." Other doggie offenses include chasing cats, barking at the wrong people, eating things that are not fit for consumption, fighting with other animals, and burping in an owner's face.

The creator of dogshaming is believed to be Chris Mohney, the editor and chief of Tumblr. Dogshaming was his brainchild and what, he writes, was supposed to be a "fun idea for a weekend." The blog has become a viral sensation and taken on a life of its own. Mohney has since turned over the reins to an unknown person, who continues to let the blog "blossom to its fullest flower."

People are convinced that their method of shaming dogs works. One blog post reads, "If there is not a shaming element of your dog rehabilitation program, then it is doomed to failure, science has proven this."

The reaction on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, and even a bit conspiratorial. One person tweeted, "I'm adding Dog Shaming to my list of favorite Tumblr sites. Move over McKayla is not impressed!" Another tweeted, "This blog is the best. And makes me feel like maybe I'm not alone. Dog shaming!"

As popular as the dog shaming trend is, there's one major flaw. Dogs cannot read. But who cares? At least dog owners and their friends will get a good chuckle from the posts.