Dog Owners Capture Footage of Mischievous Pup Rolling Around on Bed

Ralphie Aversa
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Owners train their pets to live by a number of different rules and guidelines: Don't eat human food, stay off the countertops, only go to the bathroom outside, and so on. But you cannot babysit your pet 24/7. So for owners of one dog, that meant hiding a video camera in their bedroom to see whether the mutt obeyed a simple rule to stay off the bed.

Spoiler alert: He did not. His owners, along with a cat in the room, clearly are not amused, but online viewers across the globe seem to find it hilarious.

The video became popular on LiveLeak via Reddit and on YouTube, where it has more than 3 million views. Russian pet, YouTube channel "ignoramusky" posted the two-minute clip on Saturday.

After a description of the scenario displays on the screen, we see the owner hit "record" on the camera and walk out of the room. No more than about 10 seconds after he is gone, the canine walks in to see a cat perched on the made bed. The dog only waits about 25 seconds before finally mustering up the courage to hop on to the forbidden territory.

Cue "The Benny Hill Show" theme music and hilarity. The dog begins moving frantically around the bed, rolling on to his back and flailing his paw in the air. He has finally gone where he is not supposed to go, and he is enjoying every second.

Meanwhile the cat looks on, emotionless. That is, until the dog walks over to it. When the pup motions his head toward the cat, it's met with a quick swipe from the kitty's claw. The dog simply shakes it off and looks out the window as the clip fades to black.

While the video has millions of views, it also has many people in the comments section arguing over who was wrong: the dog or the cat. The times may change, but some arguments never will.