Dog Howling Along with Warning Sirens Finds Fans on the Web

Melissa Knowles
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Emergency service sirens are useful for people to warn them in cases of impending disasters, but for our canine friends, noisy alarms inspire an equally noisy reaction. In  an new video, titled, "Doggie Warning System," YouTube user "iprimer" describes in a link on Reddit how "Every Wednesday at noon, they test the emergency warning system. Also, this happens..." This being his dog, Zeus, howling along to the sound of the siren---very loudly.

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People online are getting a kick out of Zeus. Even though Zeus is just a puppy, his vocal chords are impressively strong as he's able to sustain the howling for quite a while. Commenters, especially those who can empathize because they're dog owners, identified immediately with iprimer. One person wrote, "I watched this and my dog howled at your dog. They are now soul bound." Some were concerned though. A YouTube commenter said, "Ouch! That's gotta hurt for the dog. With their more sensitive ears, that's like being next to a jet without any earplugs." Hopefully, the alarm is not too bothersome for Zeus, but as long as the siren tests continue, that's going to be a whole lot of howling.

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