Dog Adorably Knows How to Hit Snooze on Owner's Alarm Clock

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A dog is said to be man's best friend. Let's face it: Sometimes our friends think they're helping us out, when really they are not. That idea is illustrated in a new video that features a savvy pet and has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube over the weekend by user 'A1994B3'. In the description, he says that he is in the process of moving; thus, boxes are everywhere and the alarm clock is on the floor. Lately he's been waking up late and couldn't figure out why. It turns out his pet boxer, Kermit, heard the alarm and figured out that if he held his paw on the snooze button, the noise would stop.

The video is a mere 14 seconds long. It takes Kermit acouple of tries, but eventually he figures out where the button is, presses it, and moves along as if nothing happened.  

Despite the impressive alarm clock skills exhibited by the dog, some YouTube users are commenting about the user's house, alarm volume, and décor. The user explained that he is moving because the house looks outdated and that the alarm is set to loud because he works different shifts at work.

There is no explanation as to why he did not film this in landscape mode, but we think the dog earns him a pass on that.