Do-Gooders Surprise Shoppers with Free Groceries

The YouTube prank group LAHWF is at it again! And this time, their stunt might make you cry. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Andrew Hales headed to Macey's supermarket in Pleasant Grove, Utah, to pick out a few customers to surprise by paying their entire grocery bill. A store employee delivered the message to the grateful shoppers.

The idea for the generous stunt came thanks to the CEO of GungHo energy shots, who pitched the idea to LAHWF and picked up the tab for all of the groceries. Most commenters on YouTube were blown away by the random acts of kindness; one person wrote, "You've made their day ... I can see the shock, the happiness in their faces. You've just saved them a few hundred dollars that can be spent on something else." I didn't realize how emotional free groceries could be.

GungHo is no stranger to the world of good deeds. They recently partnered with Give Back Films to treat a homeless family to a makeover and help with job-interview skills to aid them in their job search.

You might remember LAHWF from other pranks they have pulled off, such as "Pretending to Be Macklemore" and "Surprising Servers With $200 Tips."