Director Releases Epic Proposal Video

Mia Trovato

As a director, Justin Baldoni does a fantastic job capturing people’s real lives, like he does for SoulPancake’s documentary series, "My Last Days." He recently proved that he could do the same if not better for his own life story. Well, his love story actually.

You see, Baldoni proposed to his girlfriend, Emily Foxler, in an epic video he directed and obviously starred in. He set up cameras all around the restaurant they had their first date in and told her he was running a little late. The owner of the restaurant turned on the TV, and Emily watched Justin start the proposal — but we wouldn’t have called it epic if that’s where it ended.

The video Emily was watching turned incredibly elaborate, featuring Justin as a member of several boy bands, the middle of a flash mob, and even the star of an action movie. And then the video shows Justin finally arriving at the restaurant. Not only did he surprise Emily with having her mom there for the occasion, but he also showed a video of himself at her deceased father’s grave “asking” for Emily’s hand in marriage. And then he gets down on one knee and asks the big question. Luckily for him, his efforts paid off with a “Yes!”

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