Didga the Skateboarding Cat Does Gnarly Tricks While Being Adorable

Ralphie Aversa
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Didga the Skateboarding Cat Does Gnarly Tricks While Being Adorable

Cat videos that become viral sensations are nothing new to the Internet. But a particular feline in Australia is standing out from the rest of his peers, thanks to some mad skateboarding skills.

Meet Didga, a cat who cruises around on a deck nicknamed Ollie. In the video "Cat Super Skateboarding Adventure," Didga scoots around the beach town of Coolangatta, Australia, performing tricks off the board. The cat hops off the board and onto ledges or over objects before landing back on its paws and continuing the ride.

Onlookers are stopped in their tracks as the skateboarding cat casually zips by, checking out the sights in the process. After scaling trees and jumping over obstacles, Didga performs his last trick: leaping over a Rottweiler and landing back on the skateboard without stopping.

Robert Dollwet trained all of the animals featured in the video, uploaded to the Catmantoo YouTube channel. In just over a week the clip has been viewed over 190,000 times.

So cats rule and dogs drool? Not so fast. While Didga is impressive, he has yet to reach the status of Tillman, a skateboarding bulldog. You might remember Tillman's video from an iPhone commercial. The 2007 clip of the dog riding around on his deck has over 21 million hits to date.