Designer Used Internet Submissions to Create Massive Microdrawing

Mia Fitzharris

A graphic designer in the U.K. launched an incredible crowdsource drawing experiment called "Internetopia," and it is now complete. Benjamin Redford specializes in highly detailed art and wanted to get the Internet involved in his latest creation. He put the call out for submissions on Kickstarter, where participants submitted requests for what they wanted Redford to draw in a tiny cube on a large, detailed poster. At the cost of $1 per cube, participants could ask for anything their heart desired. Redford accepted submissions between November 27 and December 29, 2013. In total, $11,347 was raised and 3,042 cubes were requested.

Redford posted the drawings to his Kickstarter page and Internetopia's Twitter account. Here are just some of the submissions: "An airplane with the head of a tuxedo cat that has fangs too big to fit in his closed mouth, wearing over-the-ear headphones. 5 cubes," "A giant frog made of the universe. 10 cubes," "A classic 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA. 6 cubes."

People who submitted a drawing request and paid the additional $50 for a print were sent a 24-by-36-inch poster in the mail. But everyone else can view the entire drawing.