Delivery Man Proves Who Santa’s Biggest Helpers Really Are

Melissa Knowles

Holiday shopping online translates into the busiest time of the year for package delivery companies. So it is understandable that for their employees, this season tends to be among the most stressful of all. In addition to the promise of on-time delivery, knowing that a package's arrival by Christmas Day might make or break that special someone's holiday joyfulness is a lot to handle. With that in mind, holidays can sometimes get to even seasoned delivery pros. But while there have been several highly publicized instances of drivers and delivery personnel behaving badly, one UPS man may be changing that perception.

In a YouTube video titled "Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck," UPS delivery man Ken Jones reminds people how the season's gifts make their way from points A to B, with some pretty clever lyrics. "I'm in my sleigh, handling my business. Delivering gifts, for little children. If you don't understand. I will tell you my friend, Santa is a UPS man." Jones sings his song to the tune of the Christmas carol "Winter Wonderland."

Jones's song is a hit, with more than 75,000 views and counting so far on YouTube.

In the description of Jones's video, it reads that his tune is from the UPS holiday album (which does not really exist), and while this may be a joke, people are laughing all the way through the 12 days of Christmas. One person commented, "UPS needs to make this a commercial immediately." Another commenter added, "This makes me smile." Others are calling for Jones to get a promotion.

It's also important to note that at the end of the video, Jones mentions that he recorded his song during a scheduled break (just in case the bosses are watching).

Who do we have to thank for Jones's video upload? His brother, Tim Bryant, put the video on YouTube on December 5. By the way, Jones is stationed in Springdale, Arkansas. So all of the recipients of packages on his route can rest a little easier, knowing Jones has got it handled.

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