The Day After the Boston Marathon Explosions: New Videos & Photographs Tell Stories of Eyewitnesses

Melissa Knowles
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After the explosions occurred at the Boston Marathon, many people turned to Facebook and Twitter as the first sources to share and find information on the tragedy. In the aftermath of the deadly bombings that killed three people and wounded more than 140 others (some critically), people are turning to YouTube and Reddit to share their eyewitness accounts of what happened during the race, and in the chaos that followed the bombings.

Here is a video posted to YouTube by runner Jennifer Treacy. This video is from the perspective of an actual marathoner who is running in the race. She is approaching the finish line when suddenly an explosion occurs several yards away from her.

In another YouTube video posted by a spectator, someone is holding the camera among a group of people who are gathered outside a Walgreens store. You hear a woman yell, "Something just blew up!" Suddenly, the second bomb goes off. You hear screaming and a person yells, "Run!" That video, titled "Second Explosion -- Boylston," was uploaded by FatalitySnow and has more than 1.3 million views so far.

Over on Reddit, images and videos are flooding in from runners and spectators who attended the race, including a video thread posted by Nicholas Salem from Boston. His footage's perspective is close to where runners are crossing the finish line.

Just moments before the first bomb goes off, people in the crowd are cheering on the racers and listening to the announcer over a loudspeaker. After the first blast, there is a moment of shock and confusion as people try to understand what just occurred. Suddenly, the second bomb goes off and people start running to get away from the area where the bombs detonated. You can hear the panic in their voices, as others are screaming in the background.

The Trending Now team spoke with Nicholas and he told us that he does not remember anything that happened yesterday.

Another recurring theme on Reddit's Boston Marathon threads is photos of people who others deem as potentially suspicious persons in the crowd. It is important to note that at the time this article is being written, no suspects have been publicly identified by authorities.

The FBI is encouraging anyone with any video or photographic evidence from the day of the tragedy to come forward and send it to them. You can send video or photos to or get in touch with the FBI by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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