New Dating Websites Cater to ‘Star Trek’ Fans Looking for Love

Melissa Knowles
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Are you looking for love, but you're not sure where to find people who are into the same things as you? Maybe you've tried online dating or the bar scene or gone on blind dates set up by well-meaning friends, yet you still find yourself single and wanting. If you're a fan of the "Star Trek" franchise and consider yourself a Trekkie, then you may be in luck.

There is an entire community of online dating sites that cater to those who speak Klingon and know more than the average person about Vulcans.

The website claims to be "a dating community that is light years ahead of others." There's also, designed exclusively for "Star Trek" lovers. Both sites have sprung up in an effort to connect "Trek" fans who want to live long and prosper with someone just like them.

The owner of, Oliver Gough, said regarding the popularity of these sites, "'Star Trek' fans are nerds. They know what they're looking for. Nine times out of 10 [they] post pictures of themselves Photoshopped on the starship." Gough adds that sites such as are too broad for the kind of superfans who frequent his website.

Some critics say that dating sites like these are too focused on specific niches, and that just because two people share a common interest in one part of pop culture does not mean they will have a long-lasting relationship. However, "Trek" dating site owner Michael Carter has said that the main reason people quit his matchmaking service is that they found someone.

So who knows, if you are looking for a highly logical pairing, you may just find yourself saying, "Team me up, Scotty."

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