Daredevil Sets New World Record with Amazing Wingsuit Jump

Melissa Knowles
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In May, Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov pulled off one of the most impressive ways to reach the bottom of a mountain while simultaneously breaking a world record. Rozov leaped from the top of the 4 mile high summit of Shivling, a mountain in the Himalayas, wearing  specially designed wingsuit and a parachute. After taking 6 days to climb the mountain, he fell at rate of 125 miles/hour, and landed safely after free-falling for 90 seconds. As for the rest of his team, it took them 3 days to descend to the bottom using the old fashioned method---walking.

This is not the first time that Rozov has attempted such a daring base-jump. He once flew directly into an active volcano in 2009 in Kamtschatka, and he jumped from Ulvetanna Peak in Antarctica in 2010.


Most people think they know a good value when they see one, but does everyone take full advantage? The Netflix streaming package costs only $7.99 a month, but with busy schedules, many people find it hard to make the most out of the subscription. So comedian Mark Malkoff set out to try and get his money's worth by attempting to watch 250 films in 30 days.

Malkoff solicited suggestions for what he should watch from Twitter and Facebook, and began watching films on April 16. After the first week passed, he had already seen 60 movies for a total of 95.55 hours. Malkoff said he did not even leave his apartment for 155 straight hours.

When he did venture out, Malkoff streamed movies on his iPad and his iPhone. At one point, he even had actor Andrew McCarthy, one of the stars of 80s cult classic St. Elmo, offer live commentary during the film.

One week, he decided to watch movies by theme: Horror films, sci-fi films, sports films, etc. In the video Mark created to accompany his project, his wife Christine sarcastically says, "Mark's Netflix watching, has really started to have a negative effect on our lives." As for the negatives for Mark, he said he gained 6 pounds during his project.

So at the end of the 30 days, did Malkoff accomplish his goal? Well after averaging 13 hours a day of watching movies, he had watched 252 films in 404 hours which works out to be about 3.2 cents per film. Kind of takes the term 'movie buff' to a whole new level.