Daredevil Pilot Films Frightened Friend During Flight

Mia Fitzharris

Oh, you know, just casually take your aviophobic friend up in a very small aerobatic plane, turn the engine off, flip upside down, and film it!

That's what pilot and YouTube user Antony L did to his poor, poor friend Josh. When the video starts, it's not immediately clear whether Josh knows what he's in for. But you get the feeling that Antony L knows exactly what he's doing. As the one controlling the plane, he wears a slight smile and stays calm throughout.

Josh, on the other hand, freaks out. Like, really freaks out. Profanity after profanity fills the air. Lots of clenched fists. Lots of high-pitched screams. He visibly swallows deeply, grinds his teeth, and brings his hand to his forehead. You can imagine that all he is thinking is, "Why did I agree to this??"

Some commenters seemed to get a kick out of the video. YouTube user 504YoungT wrote about the video, "added to favorites, i got a lil scared just watchin this video lol." As did I.

Others had mixed feelings, as one comment read, "You my good man are worst and best friend ever!"

I must say, if I were Josh, I would not be too happy with Antony L.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Do one thing every day that scares you." Josh might be covered for a couple of weeks.