Crowd Not So Happy to Hear "Happy"

Ralphie Aversa
Crowd Not So Happy to Hear "Happy"

Pharrell Williams has the entire world dancing along to his hit song, “Happy.” Well, almost the entire world.

The World Indoor Bowls Championships were held over the weekend in Eastern England. For a point of reference, bowls is a sport that is in the same “family” as bocce. The men’s championships have been held since 1979. Competitions have since been added for women, men’s pairs, open pairs, and mixed pairs. For those keeping score at home, Scotland’s Darren Burnett took home the men’s title this year.

There is a part of last weekend’s event that is becoming very popular on YouTube, and it did not involve the competition. During a break in the action, the hosts thought it would be a good idea to play “Happy” in the venue to get the crowd dancing.

Other than the hosts, no dancing was involved. Thankfully though, the BBC captured the entire sequence and YouTube user Aaron Gillespie uploaded it for our enjoyment.

Maybe some in the crowd weren’t fans of the song. Maybe others were simply annoyed that their favorite bowls player didn’t advance in the tournament. Regardless, at best people clap and smile. At worst, some just sit there motionless as if there is nothing playing in the venue.

Even the camera guy stops looking in to the lens he’s manning to clap along as if he feels like happiness is the truth.

Apparently not everyone inside the Potters Leisure resort in Great Yarmouth that day shared the same sentiment. Maybe if the hosts had borrowed one of Pharrell’s infamous Vivienne Westwood hats, things might have turned out differently.