Crawling Caterpillar Captivates Gorillas at Calgary Zoo

Melissa Knowles
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As far as the Trending Now team is concerned, there can never be too many videos of cute animals. And what better time to put a smile on your face than on a mellow Monday when you're trying to get your week off to the right start?

The Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada, released a video of two gorillas curiously inspecting a caterpillar climbing on the gate surrounding their enclosure. The gorillas seem completed captivated by the tiny caterpillar as it crawls. One of the gorillas even makes an inquisitive face as he gets superclose to the caterpillar without touching it, watching as it crawls. As this same gorilla observes the caterpillar, another gorilla approaches to take a look. It seems that the first gorilla thinks that the second has gotten too close for comfort and gently nudges the new gorilla away.

The video runs for only about 40 seconds, but it's already been viewed more than 93,000 times. The Calgary Zoo posted the video on its website, and commenters are enjoying watching the primates discover the insect. One person wrote, "Their expression is so human it kills me." Another person, on Twitter, wrote, "Love the curiosity of these gentle giants."

We could not agree more.

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