Couple's Encounter with Stumbling Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell Caught on Camera

Ko Im
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Charlie Sheen is buzzing again on the interwebs after a video surfaced of him at a Taco Bell.

As seen on cellphone video, Jayden and Tamara are waiting at a drive-through when they see the star of "Anger Management." He proceeds to stumble over to the car. Apparently, the admittedly and apologetically "hammered" Sheen (his words, not ours) asks if the two fans are fighting (they're not) before showing off his tattoos and saying goodbye.

The video, posted Tuesday night, has gotten over 220,000 views on YouTube.

While some say the actor seems sincere under the circumstances, others deem this the "Worst taco bell commercial ever."

Seems celebrities are just like normal people, craving munchies after a late night. Remember David Hasselhoff downing a cheeseburger while sitting on the floor?

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