Couple Documents Pregnancy With Charming Time-Lapse Video

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Expectant parents have a lot to take care of before they welcome a new life into the world. There are doctors to visit, books to consult, maternity wear to buy. It's no surprise, then, that people don't have a good amount of time to stop and appreciate the excitement of what's coming. Parents-to-be have had some inventive ways of documenting the nine months leading up to birth, but none has the particular charm and skill of Dan Tran's "My Wife's Enchanted Pregnancy.”

The time-lapse video follows Tran and his wife, Anne, from August of last year to just recently (you know, nine months). The video doesn't just exhibit the physical changes going on with Anne but also uses props and costumes to mark the passing of milestones and holidays. Tran told Yahoo, "She was conceived in August and it was perfect to take advantage of all the major holidays as she grew inside my wife's belly."

Toward the end, the two transform the guest bedroom into a nursery. This process is brief in the video but definitely wasn't in real life. Tran told us by e-mail, "I did all the heavy lifting and labor: i.e., painting, putting furniture together, putting up blinds/curtains," though on Reddit he pointed out that the design was all his wife's doing. In the end, we get introduced to the real star of the video — Romy.

The post came to popularity first through Reddit's BabyBumps thread, where commenters can still be seen lauding the video's originality. Tran, for his part, told us, "The best part though, personally, is having her show up at the very end, and that was always planned from the beginning — to stop the time-lapse there."

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