Couple Captures Video of Elk Using Backyard Trampoline

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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Ah, remember how much fun it was to jump on a trampoline? So many childhood memories center around the backyard item, but for one elk in Evergreen, Colo., an experience with a trampoline is something he'd rather forget. Greg Chase posted footage to YouTube of what he and his wife saw in their backyard recently. A family of elk was hanging out there, and one had unfortunately found his way onto their trampoline. Obviously confused, he had trouble gettinghis bearings but didn't seem to be in too big of a hurry to get out. All the while, another elk followed along, most likely thinking "What did you get yourself into?"

For their part, Chase and his wife were astounded by the occurrence, wondering what to do. At one point, Chase's wife suggests they may have to shoot the animal, as getting stuck in the hole in the middle of the trampoline could result in a bad injury and the need to end his suffering. Commenters on the video were conflicted about how to feel, writing that it was by turns funny and disturbing but also a reality of living so close to nature. In the end, the elk was able to free himself, and the video of the escapade has more than 200,000 views, so it all turned out all right.

The video is just one in a long line of viral clips in which a family looks out their back window to find that nature has crept a little too close for comfort.

For instance, there was the bear in a family's pool house. A beast that big is not a welcome sight when you want to go take a dip.

There is also, of course, this encounter of two members of the feline family, but one who had a significant size advantage. Check out a house cat's encounter with a mountain lion.

And then lookie here! We have another example of some animals on a trampoline. But this time, it's foxes, and they are having a blast.

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