Conan O’Brien Puts His Studio Up for Rent, Deepak Chopra Uses Twitter to Vent

Adriana Diaz

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Ever wish you could go to the Conan show? Well if you can't get tickets you should try renting the show's studio! The Burbank, California, television studio is available from October 11 to October 13 for only $1 a night. The listing is posted on, the popular online service that lets people rent their homes (or in this case their TV studios) to travelers. The place is described on the site as the "cozy and charming Conan studio." It boasts 25,000 square feet, eight bathrooms, and a fully stocked kitchenette that comes equipped with an intern (since the show will be in full swing). The only drawback is that whoever rents the studio will have to sleep on the guest couch, where the likes of President Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie have sat. Conan's show wouldn't comment on why it posted the studio for rent online. But that didn't stop submissions from pouring in (it already has more than 2,000 Facebook likes). To try to increase her chances of being selected, one person tweeted to Airbnb's CEO, "if he rents it to me, I'll get married there." Maybe Conan can conduct the ceremony? How would you spend 24 hours in Conan's studio? Tell me on Twitter @AdrianaTweeting and on!

Deepak Chopra, alternative medicine guru, doctor, and author of 60 books, is getting a lot of attention for a two-word tweet that said, "shut up." Chopra, who has more than 600,000 Twitter followers, was responding to a tweet from journalist Suzanne Munshower, who criticized his views on religion and science. It all started when Chopra tweeted, "Science has an obligation to not reduce rich human experience to raw data." Munshower, who writes for the U.K. paper the Guardian, replied, "No. It. Doesn't." That's when Chopra told Munshower to "shut up." Across social media, many thought the tweet was out of character for someone who often speaks about eliminating negative emotions. Just two weeks before, Chopra had even tweeted, "today every word I utter will be chosen consciously. I will refrain from complaints, condemnation, and criticism." Now Chopra's new not-so-nice tune is catching on. One person tweeted, "To quote one of our greatest role models: shut up." Chopra eventually deleted the "shut up" tweet heard 'round the Web, but not before screen grabs of it made their way onto several blogs.