Comedian spooks strangers with ‘Split Man’ trick in viral video

Henry Baker

We're not sure what is more captivating in this video: the man who appears to be cut in half walking around and talking or the reactions of people when that man surprises them.

The aforementioned "sawed-off" individual is magician and standup comedian Andy Gross. The video of his prank has racked up about 2 million views on YouTube. In the video, Gross' upper body looks as if it is next to his legs, which he holds in his arms as he walks around.

While it is certainly quite the visual, the shrieks from adults and children alike are hilarious. A mother and her child encounter Gross and run right into the middle of the street, the child almost pushing his mom away toward the magician. Another woman falls flat on her face into a pile of sand. Yet another woman shrieks and begins to run away. She later tells the camera that her girlfriend is "no good, because she left me standing (there) and the man has no body."

Actually, that man does have a body. You just can't see it next to his thighs.

Gross named his illusion "Split Man." He tours as the lead of the comedy magic show "MindBoggling," which is performed more than 150 times a year, according to his YouTube video.