Comedian Creates Fake Kickstarter Campaign Mocking Celebrities

Melissa Knowles
Comedian Creates Fake Kickstarter Campaign Mocking Celebrities

Imagine you have an innovative idea for a new movie, an invention, or just a good cause, but you're an average Joe or Joanne and you do not have a lot of money. In order to get the resources, you turn to crowd funding, and thanks to the growing popularity of the nonprofit company Kickstarter, your dream can turn into reality.

Kickstarter is a private company that began in 2009 as a creative way to help people raise money online. The site has become the place to fund your dream project.

Comedian Jon Lajoie, who is recognizable from his popular YouTube videos and his role on TV's "The League," does not have any intention of helping anyone else through his Kickstarter project. Yes, he is looking out only for No. 1: himself.

Here's what he says in part of his self-flattering pitch: "What if instead of relying on traditional methods of wealth acquisition, I turned to you, my fans, for money?" He continues, "Sir Lajoie, you are the most amazing person I know. Why are you not superrich yet? The answer to that question can be complicated, but in its simplest form: financing."

Lajoie goes on to describe how he aspires to be "superrich like Jay-Z" and says that is where Kickstarter comes in.

The video is a critique of Hollywood stars like Zach Braff who have used the website to help fund projects. Kickstarter was previously used only by unknown entities who needed financing.

Understandably, Kickstarter itself did not allow Lajoie to keep his clearly made-up project on the site. So LaJoie set up a funding form on his own website, which reads, "How much hypothetical money will you pledge to donate to this totally real thing on August 26, 2013?"

So far, pledges have surpassed the 100 million-dollar threshold, and have already reached more than 10 billion hypothetical dollars. It's all just fake for now. So hopefully for those who've donated, that never turns into real dollars.

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