College Student Plays 'Super Mario Bros.' Theme Song With Wine Glasses

Ralphie Aversa
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It is the weekend, and musician Dan Newbie will be utilizing a lot of wine glasses. However, he will not be standing behind a bar nor will he be pouring out any wine (at least not to our knowledge).

About a month ago, Newbie began uploading YouTube videos that showed off his skill of playing songs by using wine glasses and other kitchen utensils. On the heels of covering "Let It Go" and "Happy," the musician turned his attention to another one of the Internet's favorite muses: Super Mario Brothers.

"I never wanted this to be about me," Newbie told Fox 16 in Little Rock, Ark., following the success of his "Happy" cover, which was buoyed by a tweet from Pharrell Williams himself. "I wanted this to be about happiness. I wanted this to be about, 'Hey, you can be happy and not have a real reason to be happy.' Just like you can make music without using instruments."

Newbie used 48 wine glasses, two pencils, a frying pan, seven microphones, two cameras, and tap water for the piece. Known formally as the "Ground Theme," the musician edited his recordings to move in sync with the first level of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo. Spoiler alert: Mario gets the flag and enters the castle.

His latest work went live on Tuesday and has more than 79,000 views. As for Newbie's next plans, he tweeted, "Really can't wait to post the next one. I'll be working on it all weekend."

Newbie is a Conway, Ark., native and student at the University of Central Arkansas. According to the Fox affiliate, the musician will appear on the talk show "Steve Harvey" later this month.