College Baseball Players Lip-sync to Song From Disney's 'Frozen'

Ralphie Aversa
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College Baseball Players Lip-sync to Song From Disney's 'Frozen'

An unlikely duo is providing a refreshing spin on an instant classic.

Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak play college baseball for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. The teammates are gearing up for a big weekend as the Midshipmen prepare to host archrival Army in a two-day back-to-back doubleheader series. Borosak notes that he has even seen a few tweets from West Point directed at the team. However Army's Black Knights are not tweeting about anything that happened on the diamond.

It all began on April 9 with an Instagram post from Kilby. The midshipmen from Alexandria, Va., joked that he, Borosak, and teammate Travis Blue had a big crush on Elsa, the animated star of Disney's "Frozen." Kilby tagged the picture with "#brozen."

"Travis was the one who hadn't seen it yet," Kilby told us. "I watched it with Travis. (The hashtag) was actually Travis's idea: 'Bros that watch 'Frozen,' we're 'brozen' now.'"

Then nine days later, Kilby and Borosak videotaped themselves lip-syncing to the song "Love Is an Open Door" from the movie. They admit that they got the idea after seeing "Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen," which has over 10 million views. In a video shot in a similar fashion, the upperclassmen drive along in a car while lip-syncing all of the lyrics and even acting out a few of the song's lines. Kilby plays Hans (actor Santino Fontana's role) while Borosak sweetly croons the lines that Kristen Bell sang.

Like the song, the video ends with a proposal, along with a cameo from the aforementioned teammate, Blue.

"Our intentions were just to keep it between the team," Borosak said. "We just wanted to get a quick laugh, build team comradery."

"Obviously the guys are getting their jabs in where they can," Kilby added. "Wherever we show up, they're poking (fun) at us. But they're pretty excited about it."

But after family and friends saw the video on Kilby's Facebook page, they urged him to ease privacy restrictions on the post. Suddenly, friends of friends were sharing it, and Kilby decided to post it on YouTube as well.

"Navy Baseball does Frozen" went live April 18. It already has over a million views. The clip made it to "Good Morning America" and also received at least one celebrity endorsement, courtesy of actress Zooey Deschanel's Facebook page.

"Matt texted me to look up Zooey Deschanel," Borosak recalled. "I can't believe that she posted it."

And that may not even be the best part of this experience for Kilby and Borosak: Navy has been undefeated since the video was first posted.