Chinese Astronaut Becomes New Social Media Darling

Melissa Knowles
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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made quite a name for himself while he was a commander on board the International Space Station by releasing fun and informative videos of how everyday activities are carried out in space. Hadfield is perhaps best known for his music-video remake of his own version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." He took his expeditions seriously but also made it a point to reach out the masses via social media and educate us non-space travelers.

There's a new superstar in outer space. Meet Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping. She and two other astronauts are currently on board the Chinese space lab Tiangong 1.

Just yesterday, Wang taught a science class for the enjoyment of 60 million Chinese schoolchildren. Just as Hadfield did, Wang got in touch with her audience via social media. Her lecture contained awe-inspiring examples of what makes physics in space so interesting.

Users of the Chinese service Weibo, which is a lot like Twitter, became enamored with Wang. Users wrote such comments as "The experiments conducted are really impressive. We've seen quite a few fantastic phenomena."

Wang's mission just launched last week, so maybe there will be more videos on the horizon.

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