Chilling Video Shows Tornado Destroying Family's Illinois Home

Mia Fitzharris

The EF-4 tornado that ripped through Illinois on November 17th left behind a path of destruction that can be seen in images and videos of the area. In cases like these you rarely see videos of the tornado actually hitting, especially shot by residents inside of their home. Marc Wells had his camera rolling from the confines of his Washington, IL home and his footage is absolutely terrifying. As you see the tornado approaching the Wells’ home through a window Marc calls for his daughter Josie to make sure she is okay. Then, there is a moment of darkness mixed with Josie’s screams as the tornado passes near their home. And just like that, it is gone. The family was lucky to only have structural damage and no serious injuries or loss of a life. An eerie moment of the video is when Marc sees what is left of his block for the first time.

All the homes in the immediate area appear to be gone. Marc posted the video to YouTube where he wrote in the description, “Here is what my oldest daughter Josie Taylor Wells And I experienced, I am so glad Kerry Gorman Wells and the other girls were out of town when this storm came through. Very thankful we were not injured.” The dramatic video is important for the world to see what families of the area went through during the disastrous day.  If you would like to help the victims affected by the tornadoes in the Midwest, please visit this page. 

WARNING: Graphic Content Viewer Discretion Advised: