Charitable YouTube Group Surprises Hotel Cleaner with $500 Tip

Ralphie Aversa
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Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson are back at it, bringing joy and a little extra cash to unsuspecting people.

The duo behind the Give Back Films YouTube channel uploaded a video over the weekend in which they are shown tipping a hotel cleaner $500. According to the manager at the Park City, Utah, hotel, the lodge's maid had just quit when a woman walked in with no money, looking for a place to stay. When the woman inquired about the "Now Hiring" sign out front, the manager told her what the position was. The woman took the gig.

"She's done a great job, excellent job," the manager says in the video. "We were running out of towels and everything. We needed to get our laundry done. Well, she went in, and not only did she start the laundry, but she started organizing it. ... I went in there and I just went, 'Wow. Where did you come from?'"

Oreffice and Gibson placed $500 in $20 bills under the sheets of a bed in a hotel room that the woman was scheduled to clean. The filmmakers then outfitted the room with cameras and a portable microphone to catch her reaction.

The cleaner literally stops in her tracks when she sees the money, and she is immediately moved to tears. As she folds the bills, she sees the note left by the two YouTube users and begins to cry more.

Eventually, Oreffice and Gibson come forward to tell the woman that they are behind the tip. She tries to return the money but to no avail. The cleaner is astonished to find out that her boss was in on the whole production, but the manager insists that she deserves the money for her hard work.

The video already has had over 160,000 views. Give Back Films started uploading clips to YouTube in October. The duo's most popular production is a piece in which they give $100 to homeless people. It has had over 3.2 million views to date.