Celebrity Chef Creates Fridge Hack Out Of Egg Carton

Ralphie Aversa
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Celebrity Chef Creates Fridge Hack Out Of Egg Carton

Celebrity chef and TV personality Alton Brown makes a living by inventing and reinventing everyday kitchen items. His latest demonstration of this really puts the mustard on the hot dog though. Literally.

Brown first rose to fame as the host of Food Network's show "Good Eats" from 1999 to 2012. A trademark feature of the show involved the chef improvising makeshift kitchen utensils that rivaled those sold in stores.

Since "Good Eats" wrapped, Brown has appeared on a number of other shows and toured the country. He continues to publish videos on his YouTube channel, where he features more "epic solutions" to everyday problems.

In his latest post, Brown solves an issue that some may have in their refrigerator. Condiment bottles are usually stored in the bin on the front door of the appliance. As the collection of ketchup, mustard, and other toppings amass, the bin can become pretty cluttered. You also run in to the practical issue of having to wait for the mustard in the bottle to drip to the spout because the container was upright or on its side.

Brown spends the first 25 seconds of his new video attempting to put mustard on his hot dog to no avail and then places the bottle back in the fridge. He then sets his eyes on an egg container. Brown grabs the carton and cuts the lid off. He places the bottom portion of the egg carton where the mustard bottles were and then places each condiment upside down so that the lids of the bottles fit perfectly into the crevasses of the egg carton.

The video, however, doesn't answer the question of where to store the displaced eggs. Hopefully Brown has an egg-cooking segment lined up for his next upload.