Cat Tries to Attack Much Larger Doberman

Ralphie Aversa

A video that has been shared almost 400,000 times on Facebookis proving that maybe Dobermans aren't so bad after all.

Jessica Manning lives in Comox, British Columbia, Canada. Manning works with a Doberman rescue organization to raise awareness about the breed. She also owns at least one of the dogs; his name is Bishop, and he is featured in a video she posted to her profile.

"The dog is a prince and sometimes an evil genius," said Manning of her Doberman. She also made a somewhat sarcastic comment about her cat, Sophie, which Manning adopted after someone abandoned the kitten at a gas station. Regarding her viral video, Manning notes that she "can't imagine why" Sophie was left behind.

Sophie spends the entire 1:17 of the clip antagonizing Bishop. That's correct: a small cat attempting to terrorize a much larger, supposedly aggressive Doberman.

The cat lunges and claws at the dog. Sophie even connects with Bishop's face a few times. But the dog is impervious to her taunts: He literally sits there and does nothing. In fact, he eventually lies down and yawns as Sophie continues to try to get his attention.

"Dobermans are horribly vicious dogs that CANNOT be trusted with small animals and or children!" Manning wrote, tongue in cheek, on the video's description. "NEVER get this man-eater of a breed!"

The video serves to buttress the "Dobermans-aren't-so-bad" argument and offers some evidence against the statement that "cats rule, dogs drool." At the very least, though, a lot of people seem to think the antagonistic relationship that Sophie has with Bishop is pretty cute.