Cat Lost During Superstorm Sandy Reunited with Family Six Months Later

Melissa Knowles
Cat Lost During Superstorm Sandy Reunited with Family Six Months Later

Countless heartbreaking stories related to Superstorm Sandy have made the news. So a story with a happy ending is met with such enthusiasm and excitement that everyone wants to share it. Today's topic is just that, a story with a happy ending.

When Sandy devastated the East Coast in late October, the Roberts family, from Chadwick Island, New Jersey, was evacuated to a relative's home just eight miles away in Point Pleasant. They brought along their beloved pet, a cat named Porsche. Unfortunately, while they were staying safe from the storm, Porsche somehow went missing. The Roberts family thought he was gone forever.

But just this past week, six months after the storm, Porsche showed up on the deck of his original house. Uranie Roberts's daughter, Carol Baumann, recalled the distinctive feature that confirmed her cherished Porsche had really returned -- his signature green eyes. Baumann said, "I saw the green eyes, and I said my God in heaven, it's Porsche."

The family is calling Porsche's return a "miracle." They plan to take him to the vet for a checkup to make sure that he is still in good health, but Roberts said he does not look as though he missed a lot of meals, and his fur is sleek and soft. Baumann said it was "wonderful" to have Porsche back home -- "I missed him so bad."

Little Porsche undoubtedly had to go through some hardships in his journey back home, crossing a bridge, high-traffic areas, and storm-ravaged places. Nevertheless, he's back in the arms of the family who loves him.

“It’s just amazing how he found his way home,” Baumann told NBC 10 in Philadelphia. “I wish he could talk.”

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