Cat Leads Dog By Leash in Viral Video

Melissa Knowles

You cannot get online these days without coming across a cute cat video, but the latest video on track to go viral gives you not one, but two furry companions. If you have ever seen the original "Ghostbusters" movie, you may remember Bill Murray's character, Dr. Peter Venkman, saying that a sign of mass hysteria would be dogs and cats living together, and this video clearly supports that statement.

Over the weekend, Israeli YouTube user Dafna Kopelis uploaded the video "Cat Taking the Dog Home." In the clip, a cat and dog are on an afternoon stroll, and as things start to wrap up and they head back home, the cat takes the leash in its mouth and leads the dog around. The dog does not seem to mind at all, and just follows the cat as it tugs at the leash and leads the way.

The video has popped up on several blogs and it is poised to go viral, having already collected more than 45,000 views. Several YouTube commenters have offered advice to Dafna such as, "if you haven't already, put a Google ad on this. It very well may go viral." Another person was inspired by Dafna's video, writing, "This makes me want to get a cat and a dog so I can record the things that go on between them."

For her part, Dafna has written in the information section of the video that she did not teach the cat and dog this trick. She can only take credit for capturing it on camera.

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