Cat as Excited as Human for PS4 Box

Henry Baker

Gamers everywhere (myself included) were thrilled to pick up their PS4 systems over the weekend. We all immediately set to work hunkering down for the weekend, pretending to be soldiers, Footballers, or futuristic rebels. But I'll bet you didn't know that humans aren't the only ones excited. Danielle Sanford's bengal cat, for one, was thrilled with the purchase, and showed affection only rivaled by the nerdiest of PS4 gamer fans. In a flurry of purrs, collar bell-ringing, and roll-arounds, the bengal shows his appreciation for the new purchase. It's either that, or like many cats, he is a big fan of boxes. And tell us, are you considering the purchase of a next-gen system? Going to pick up a Xbox One or PS4? Think consoles are silly because you are a PC-gamer? Tell us all about it on Facebook, or Twitter.