Cat Adopts and Nurses Lost Baby Ducklings

Mia Fitzharris
November 21, 2013

There’s really nothing quite as cute as unexpected pairings of animals who become friends. We’ve seen friendships between a horse and a dog, a Labrador and dolphin, and an elephant and a dog, but nothing can compare to a cat who is mothering baby ducklings. Yes, you read that correctly. In a preview clip for BBC’s new show “Animal Odd Couples,” we get to see a mother cat who had adopted a group of 3 lost ducklings. A couple in Ireland discovered their cat with one of the ducklings in her mouth and of course thought she was going to make a snack out of them. They were shocked to discover the cat was, instead, mothering the three ducklings. The adoptive mama feline was even able to nurse the baby ducks! The reason she was able to nurse them was because she had just given birth to kittens a few hours before finding the ducklings.

We decided to search for more cat and duckling pairings, and surprisingly it’s not that uncommon!