Car Salesman Becomes Web Star with Dance Video on YouTube

Henry Baker

Sales manager Joe Barzelay of Eastern Shore Hyundai in Daphne, Alabama, probably hasn't used his moves on the dance floor to seal the deal with any clients. However, those moves made him a Web star and they will soon give him plenty of foot traffic at the dealership. Barzelay was at work one day, talking to some dancers who were at the dealership to appear in one of its commercials. Their work reminded him of his own talents, and he offered to give them a demonstration. Charles Kelley, a co-worker of Barzelay's, sensed that this moment was something he had to capture on camera, so he pulled out his phone. And, boy, did Barzelay move! The video become an instant hit, with more than 150,000 views and counting. Adoring fans wrote in, with one saying in jest, "300 cars were sold that day." That might not be true, but we are sure anyone in the area in need of a car at least has to pop in to meet the Web's newest star.

Barzelay's exploits reminded us of some other standout, unexpected dance performances. Like this one, in which a couple at their wedding bust out some serious talent.

There's also this recent video, in which a woman quits her job with a powerful performance.

And of course, this is just one of the best dance videos of all time. Everyone on the web should see this.

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