Capybara Adopts Dachshund Puppies

David Matthews
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There's nothing quite as heartwarming as a story about two animals who form an unlikely friendship. While there have been many examples of this phenomenon -- Koko, the gorilla who cared for kittens, is probably the most well-known one -- a recent one might be the most touching yet.

Earlier this month, eight abandoned dachshund puppies were discovered behind a church in Arkansas. Four of them were quickly adopted. The other four were taken to the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Gassville, Arkansas, for rehabilitation, so they’d be ready for future adoption.

For more than 20 years, Rocky Ridge Refuge has been a sanctuary for all kinds of animals -- from dogs and cats to emus and even a record-breaking Watusi steer named Lurch. Under the guidance of Janice Wolf, the refuge focuses especially on those that have faced injury, abuse, or neglect.

Wolf introduced the four puppies to Rocky Ridge's resident female capybara, named Cheesecake. A South American rodent much like a rather large guinea pig, the capybara is known for being a friendly and nurturing animal, and Cheesecake is no different. The puppies and Cheesecake quickly took a liking to one another, snuggling and nuzzling between their bouts of playing. Photos and videos of Cheesecake and the puppies -- which will be ready for adoption soon, thanks to Cheesecake's tender supervision -- have given great exposure not only to the animals, but also to Wolf and the rescue shelter's mission.

The capybara's history of getting along with other animals -- documented thoroughly by Wolf -- means Cheesecake will undoubtedly become pals with new animals just as easily as she did with the puppies. Here's hoping we get to see plenty of pictures.

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